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the World
as an Artist

If you appreciate art,

If you want to learn to paint,


Hi! I'm Maggie Sutrov

Artist, Educator, and World Traveler.

I take my paints with me wherever I go, and now you can come along too!

Are you seeking beauty?


Come join us!

Paint There's Mission

You deserve to feel creative. It's a part of being human.

Even if you don't pick up a paintbrush, you will notice more of the world's beauty.

Making art may feel risky, but I will help and encourage you along your creative journey. It will be amazing.

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About Maggie

I've taught art to adults and kids for 20 years.

I've lived in over ten countries, bringing my paints everywhere I go.

I help people feel confident drawing and painting, and in the process, they more deeply experience the beauty around them.

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