Drawing from Life:
Feedback and Expression for Beautiful Work

November 1st Workshop for Teachers

This workshop was originally supposed to be presented at the 2022 Schools Of The Future Conference in Honolulu, but since I had to cancel because of ilness, I offered it as a Zoom wokshop and recorded for you here!

Supplies recommended for this workshop:
  • one interesting leaf (not too large or small, about the size of your hand)
  • one drawing or watercolor paper (printer paper is fine, thicker paper if you've got)
  • two 8.5x11in scratch papers (anykine blank or lined)
  • washable markers, or other felt tip colored pens 
  • tape (scotch or masking)
  • optional: paint brush and water
Share your creations, questions, and "what ifs"! Please connect with me at create (at) paintthere (dot) com.
Mahalo nui loa,
Maggie Sutrov