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Paint There Travel Letters

$11.00 / month

Receive a beautiful Travel Letter in the mail each month.  Each letter transports you to somewhere artist Maggie Sutrov has painted.  Travel with her to ancient temples, secluded beaches, and more.  Through Maggie’s artwork and stories, you will feel like you are sitting next to her as she paints.

Each Paint There Travel Letter includes:

  • Beautiful image of the artwork created on location
  • A story about painting there in this place, complete with illustrations
  • Inside tips on how to see the world as an artist.  (You can try these even without picking up a paintbrush!)
  • Bonus material through a link on the back of the card

You will also gain access to special subscriber-only online events!

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Each month you will receive a beautiful envelope full of art and adventure.  Journey with artist Maggie Sutrov as she visits and paints a unique location she has found in her island home, or during her world travels.  Included are tips and mini lessons to encourage you notice more of the beauty when you are outdoors, and perhaps, even to paint or sketch during your own adventures.

This subscription includes:

A monthly art card of a painting created on site somewhere incredible, an illustrated narrative about the place and the experience, and tips and techniques to fuel your own creativity.