Planting For Coral

Announcing the FIRST Ulana ‘Āina video, weaving art and conservation education together!

Join me as I paint on site with the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council and the Coral Reef Alliance. We explore how our actions on land can affect Maui’s coral reefs, and how art can make a difference.

Then I teach a step-by-step art lesson where students can express how they will care for the coral reef, and see how their creative choices affect their painting’s ocean in real time. (Art lesson begins at 7:36.)

This art lesson is best completed in two 45 min sessions.

These videos are created to connect keiki to our special places, to feel more connected to Maui’s special places and the work being done to protect them through art, as well as to connect to classroom curriculum in meaningful ways.

If you use this video in your classroom, please click here to fill out a very simple survey. It helps as a part of my grant from the Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts.


  • 6x9in watercolor paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • extra fine tip Sharpie or other fine permanent marker (optional)
  • oil pastels (crayons also work)
  • paint brush
  • watercolors
  • paper towel
  • cup of water
art lesson example
Student Examples

If you are a Maui teacher who plans to use this video in your class, please contact me at for any support, questions, feedback, or if you are in need of art supplies.

Ulana ʻĀina project made possible by the Hawaii State Foundation For Culture and the Arts.

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  1. Mahalo nui loa, Maggie! We love your creations and how you work with the youth and inspire us all to care for Hawaii’s coral reefs! Aloha nui and thanks for sharing your brilliant and passionate work with the next generation and connecting them to place.

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