Come paint with me through video classes, live online classes, or even meet me on Maui and paint in person!

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  • ON MAUI: Private or Group Class 3 hrs


    Let’s make some art together in person!

    How does this work?

    1. Sign up for the class.  If you have a short time window, feel free to contact Maggie before purchase at (808) 283-0109 or create (at) paintthere.com before purchase to confirm availability.
    2. After purchase, Maggie contacts you to schedule the class, talk about what you want to learn, and get a sense of who is attending.
    3. An outdoors location that allows for the creation of beautiful art will be agreed upon.
    4. Maggie will bring the needed art supplies for up to six people, though people also enjoy bringing their own.
    5. Show up to paint, and have fun soaking in the beauty!

    If you are buying this as a gift, please make a note of who it is for, and Maggie will make a gift certificate for your friend!

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  • Private Group Art Class on ZOOM


    Bring together your favorite people and make art together!  Grab your best friends who are scattered around the globe, and set up a fun class to do together, or sign up your kids and their friends or cousins.  This class is customizable to the abilities and age of those attending.  Kids and families welcome.

    How does this work?

    1. Sign up for the length of class you would prefer.
    2. Maggie contacts you to schedule the class, confirm topic, art supplies, and get a sense of who is attending.
    3. Maggie will send you a custom invite you can share with up to six friends or family.
    4. Everyone gathers their art supplies, Zooms in at the scheduled time, and makes some lovely art together.
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  • Private Zoom Art Class


    Choose between a one or two hour session.

    With two hours, you can more fully get into the flow of creating and dive into the topic of your choice.  Join Maggie Sutrov, one-on-one for an online art class that meets you where you are on your creative journey.

    Choose from one of the following topics, or contact Maggie about a custom class:

    • Let’s Begin With Watercolor
    • Beginning Drawing
    • Introduction Plein Air–Your Backyard or Window View
    • How to Paint Tropical Flowers
    • Vibrant Colors in Watercolor
    • Letting Go And Going With The Flow
    • Custom Topic

    After purchasing, Maggie will contact you to confirm a topic, supplies, and a time.

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